How to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Whether you want to keep certain items out of your children’s reach or make your bathroom more accessible to their needs, there are several great ideas that will help you design a kid-friendly bathroom. It’s important that you find a functional bathroom design that will meet both your and your kids’ needs. In just a few easy steps, you can create a safe and functional bathroom without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

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Hide the cleaning products

If you typically keep your cleaning products in the bathroom, you should make sure that your kids don’t have any access to them. Keeping your cleaning products behind closed doors isn’t enough – we all know how kids love opening cabinets and having a sneak peek inside. Instead, keep the cleaning products under lock and key or on a high shelf that your children can’t reach to ensure their safety.

Introduce plenty of storage

Storage is an essential element of every bathroom, especially in households with kids. Not only will it help you keep clutter under control (which is always an issue when you have children), but it will also help you make your bathroom safer, more open and functional. You can have storage solutions for kids, as well, where you can keep their toys and personal items – just place those solutions a bit lower so that your kids can reach them. At a higher level, you can place shelves and compartments for your personal belongings and items that should be kept out of your kids’ reach.

Mind the slippery surfaces

Since bathrooms are always wet and slippery, you should minimise the risk of falling to ensure your kids’ safety. First, you should always clean water puddles after having a shower. Next, you should introduce slip-resistant mats for the floors and anti-slip stickers for the shower or bath surface. This way, you’ll eliminate the risk of your children slipping and injuring themselves while showering.

How To Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom | Bidets for Kids Bathroom | Bathrooms for Kids | Decorating a Kid's Bathroom | What to Put in a Kid Bathroom | Safe Bathroom for Kids |

Add a bidet

Apart from being stylish accessories in modern home spas, bidets can actually be a great addition to kid-friendly bathrooms. Bidets are a great way to teach your children to care about their own hygiene while not worrying about their safety owing to functional and stylish bidet toilet seats that are placed on top of toilets. In addition, these bidet toilet seats have a sleek and modern look perfect for trendy contemporary bathrooms.

Keep the vanity high

Choosing a higher vanity is a better choice for kid-friendly bathrooms for several reasons. As your kids get older and taller, they will need higher vanities, so, introducing one from the start is a long-term solution. In addition, if you have a higher vanity, it will be easier to keep certain items out of your children’s reach. Of course, your kids should have access to the vanity, so you should introduce bathroom stools as a temporary solution until they get taller.

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Bathroom | Kids' Bathroom | Bathroom for Kids |

Choose durable materials

Kids are clumsy and careless at times and you know what this means – plenty of stains and scratches. And you don’t want to invest in beautiful granite countertops only to see them scratched and stained. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose kid-proof materials, such as stain- and scratch-resistant quartz. The same goes for other finishes, surfaces and materials – go with those that are easy to clean and durable. Think in terms of washable semi-gloss wall paint, hard-wearing tiles and damage-resistant storage materials. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting a stubborn stain off of your lovely vanity countertop.

Install kid-friendly faucets and fixtures

Instead of spending a fortune on fucets and fixtures specially designed for children that they’ll quickly overgrow, you should choose adjustable ones that will meet all of your needs. Adjustable showerheads can be repositioned, so you won’t have to buy new ones once your children grow up. In addition, you should install anti-scald devices on your showerheads and faucets to prevent children from burning themselves with hot water.

Your children’s safety is the top priority when it comes to bathroom design, so make sure keep them out of harm’s way by sticking to these kid-friendly tips.

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