Clear That Clutter – These 50 Marie Kondo Quotes Will Motivate You

To KonMari or not to KonMari? Well, if a cluttered and unorganized home is giving you stress or affecting your everyday life, it’s time to get your home under control and to mix up your monotonous cleaning and tidying schedules with some expert advice from Marie Kondo’s “Magic of Tidying Up.”

Whether you love or loathe her methods, or haven’t even heard of her before – it’s time to transform your home into a peaceful and admirable haven – sounds too good to be true right? Not if you give the KonMari method the full attention it deserves and get the whole family involved (yes, including the kids)!

50 Marie Kondo quotes that will motivate you to get your KonMari on and clear that clutter! _ For the Love of Mom Blog _

Are you yet to discover the organization sensation that is Marie Kondo?

Not only did her The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book fly off the shelves but she’s also had her very own show on Netflix. Marie Kondo is on a mission to transform homes (plus people’s lives) through the magic of organizing the home.

Although the KonMari method is ideal for starting any time of the year, there’s no time like the present to kick-start this project and to get to grips with your spring cleaning. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than heading into spring and summer with a well-organized, fresh and bright home.

Implement some firm habits into place now and hopefully it’s something the whole family can be proud of and share together for years to come.

So, where to start?

In order to get your home under control, you really are going to have to ensure you allow this decluttering process enough time and plenty of patience! Make home organisation a priority for not just you but for your whole family. Having a space which you really cherish and feel at ease with is good for both mental and physical health. Ready to try it out?

In its most simplest form, the KonMari method is mostly about assessing everything you own and whether each and every item “sparks joy” or not. Then, carefully discarding any items which no longer “spark joy.”

Once the discard process is complete, you then need to find a home for every single item you own and to also ensure your family knows where that item’s home is.

The infographic below, created by JD Williams, showcases 50 quotes from Marie Kondo to inspire you and guide you through your decluttering journey.

Marie Kondo Infographic

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