Get Ready to Rock With the Best Toy for Your Preschooler

I have a love-hate relationship with toys. It’s not that I don’t like toys but they accumulate like nothing I’ve ever seen before even when I actively try to keep the chaos down by regularly purging and carefully curating a wish list for Christmas and my son’s birthday. (Yes, really.)

So, needless to say, I’m pretty picky when it comes to choosing toys for my son. I have two primary requirements: educational and compact or at the very least, easy to store in the closet.

Get Ready to Rock with The Best Toy for Preschoolers - For the Love of Mom Blog -

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The Think & Learn Rocktopus™ meets these requirements and so much more.

My son loves his Rocktopus™, it keeps him entertained for quite some time which is perfect because it allows me to get work done. However, it’s a little hard to stay away because I can hear him shouting the whole time, “Are you ready to rock?” and it’s the most adorable thing.

What is a Rocktopus™?

If you hadn’t already guessed it, Rocktopus™ is a toy octopus that plays music. It’s an educational toy that teaches rhythmic patterns, colors, instruments and, of course, there is some flashing of lights!

Think & Learn Rocktopus™ Features

Rocktopus™ introduces kids to a variety of musical styles.

I love that the Rocktopus™ plays all kinds of music. It’s great for introducing your little one to different types of music.

Rocktopus™ comes with 15 different instruments.

If he could, my son would have a room full of every type of musical instrument. With the Think & Learn Rocktopus™, It’s like my son has a room full of instruments but they all can fit in one small space on his shelf! Rocktopus™ comes with 15 pods, each one a different “instrument”. Your child can swap out the instruments. Rocktopus™ even requests certain instruments and colors which helps your little one learn.

Rocktopus™ has 3 play modes: math, music and game.

Rocktopus™ doesn’t “just” play music but it also has math and game mode, too.

The Think & Learn Rocktopus™ truly is one of the most fun toys my son has ever had and it’s on the top of my list because it’s educational and musical (we love music around here). This would make the perfect gift for the preschooler in your life.

Think & Learn Rocktopus™ is available at Walmart!