Should You be a Work at Home Mom?

Should you be a work at home mom?

The more digital we get as a society, the easier it becomes for people to work home and, not only that, but it is becoming more common as more companies realize they can save a lot of money by filling and creating telecommuter positions. In fact, according to Forbs, in 2013 1 in 5 Americans worked from home.


Though, it's anything but glamorous, working from home is a great option for moms that want or need to make an income but would also like to or need to be home with the kids. But before you jump into being a WAHM (Work At Home Mom), here are a few things to consider that can help you make a decision: 


1. Can you multi-task? I know, I know, you're a mom. Dumb question. Not entirely. Here's the thing, it's one thing to multi-task housework and mom work and it's quite another to multi-task something that requires a big amount of mental energy and focus and mom work. If you need to be in a zone to work on projects then that's something to really take into account. That's not to say you can't be a work at home mom but you may need to structure your day so that you are working only when the kids are in bed (which will most likely cut into your sleep or leisurely activities) or perhaps you will want to plan to hire a mother's helper. 

2. Can you manage yourself well? Working from home requires a great deal of self-discipline and good time management skills. Even if you are not self-employed, it is likely that you will not have a whole lot of oversight and it's important that you are self motivated enough to get your job accomplished. 

3. Can you handle limited adult interaction for the better part of the day? Some people need to work with other people. If a life without breaks at the water cooler or the Keurig (or wherever people hang out these days) brings tears to your eyes, then you may not enjoy working from home. Or you will have to make sure to schedule in plenty of social interaction throughout your week. 

4. Do you (or can you) have the necessary space to work from home? Having a designated area that is set up for optimal efficiency is an important piece of the work from home puzzle. If you don't have adequate space (or equipment) it will only cause frustration. 

Ok, so now that you have a good idea as to whether or not working from home is a good option for you. You might be wondering where to find a work from home job. 


It used to be that the pretty much only the self-employed worked from home but that is no longer the case. As I mentioned earlier, there are more and companies offering work from home positions.

So, you want to be a work at home mom? Find out 4 questions you should ask and, if the answer is yes, get some awesome resources to get you started. Click to read!

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Here are a few companies from Flex Jobs' list of 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016


1. A Place for Mom

2. American Express

3. Amazon

4. U.S. Department of Agriculture

5. Wells Fargo

There are definite perks to working for a company but, even with the flexibility to work from home, being employed by someone else may not give you the flexibility you want or need. 

Here are some work options for being a self-employed WAHM: 


1. Virtual Assistant - As a Virtual Assistant, you will be working for you clients but you can decline any job that does not work for your schedule which is often not the case when employed by someone else. Virtual Assistants can do a variety of tasks such as website and social media management, email correspondence, appointment setting, data entry and pretty much anything else that can be done remotely. If you are interested in starting a Virtual Assistant, I recommend reading this book. Another great resource for Virtual Assistant jobs is Hire My Mom. Hire My Mom has a membership fee but it's minimal and they have a large database of jobs in many categories, in addition to Virtual Assistant jobs. If you are going to sign up, I recommend having your resume ready to go before you start so you don't waste any of your membership time (in other words... your money!). 

Should you be a work at home mom? Ask yourself these questions first!

2. Start an Etsy Shop - There are many different things you can sell on Etsy, even if you don't consider yourself to be crafty. Here is a really awesome guide and tutorial for starting an Etsy shop

3. Start a Blog - But you probably expected me to say that! I used to wonder if people actually made money blogging. They do and now I do, too. If you enjoy writing or have a passion about a particular subject then blogging could be a very viable option for you. And one with fairly low startup costs. Sign up for my Basic Blogging e-course and I will coach you through the process! 

4. Become a Social Media Influencer - If you enjoy social media and sharing product that you love then being an influencer could be a really great fit for you you! Last year right about this time I decided that I wanted to be an Instagram Influencer. Over the course of the year, I learned a lot about Instagram, building a community and working with brands. You can get my course, Influential Mama, where I will teach you how to get started. Use code: WAHM25 to get 25% off! (Original price is $19.) 

5. Sell on eBay - I have sold on eBay as a side hustle and was able to bring in a nice chunk of spare change. Though I never did it as a full-time job (I would only list a handful of items a month), I know many people have made a great income from selling on eBay. If you enjoy garage sale and second-hand store shopping, you might really enjoy selling on eBay. But you don't even need your own product. I did it for a time without any product! 

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