Baby & Toddler Costumes That Will Make You Ooooh and Ahhhh

Long before I become a mom, I was adamant that we would not "do" Halloween. I'm just not a fan of the emphasis on all things scary and the "fun" costume aspect really didn't seem like fun to me. I assumed at some point my son would ask to go trick or treating or to dress up. My plan was, at that point, I'd take him to some kind of fall festival and I would let him dress up. (I mean, I'm not heartless.) But I had no intentions of dressing my child up on Halloween until he was old enough to ask. 

And then, within a couple of months of having my baby, something strange happened. 

Check out these adorable baby and toddler Halloween costumes! #halloween #costumes #baby #toddler

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Visions of my baby dressed as a puppy started dancing in my head. He would make the cutest puppy. Or a baby lion. Or a tiger. Or a bear. Oh my!

Then, I took to Pinterest and looked up "baby costumes" and started picturing my baby as even stranger things like a gumball machine! 

Needless to say, I am all in with the Halloween costumes. I love pinning an unnecessary amount of adorable baby and toddler costumes and I start thinking about my son's costume in early summer.

Here are a few costumes I've found and you can see what else I've pinned on my costume board.  (You're welcome.) 

Little Turkey

Baby Octopus

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Baby Peacock

Future Astronaut

Baby Turtle

Dinky Dragon

Baby Chick

A League of Their Own

Baby Giraffe

I had to include my little giraffe! I got this costume on eBay for 8 bucks! 

Check out my Pinterest Toddler & Baby Costume board for more cuteness! 

I had to include my little giraffe! I got this costume on eBay for 8 bucks!