Surprising Facts About Baby’s Health

Being a parent doesn’t mean doing the boring chores and constantly worrying about your little human. There are so many fun and surprising ways to help your child’s health and early development. Want to learn more? Check out this compilation from Hello Baby App.

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Having pets

Many parents are in doubts about having a dog in a family— partly because of the allergy danger. Well, the researchers are about to clear those doubts: a recent study suggests that dogs might actually… prevent allergy in kids. Scientists say that infants with dogs at home have a greater diversity of ‘good’ bacteria in their guts. This makes babies less susceptible to the risks of allergy. Would it be a good excuse to get a dog?

Surprising Facts About Baby's Health | Tips for Parents | #parenting | #baby | #toddlers |

Getting dirty

Do you sometimes get mad at your kids for rolling in the dust or digging in the mud? Please, don’t because… it is good for their health. Scientists are now observing the effects of over cleaning and widespread use of antibacterial soaps. It turns out that children who were raised in a sparkling clean environment do not have enough ‘good bacteria’ in their guts. Those ‘healthy germs’ are often found in dust, dirt and pet’s fur, and they help to build the immune protection. More than that, these germs might be affecting the psychological state as well — the absence of certain bacteria in the guts is linked to depression. So, let your little piggies have fun outside — going barefoot and digging deep into the mud.

Surprising Facts About Baby's Health | Tips for Parents | #parenting | #newmom | #babies |


Hugs are essential, the scientists claim. A good hug releases a hormone called oxytocin ( “love hormone”), which promotes feelings of well-being and comfort, boosting the immune system as well. Then, hugging your child will lower your blood pressure. And last but not the least — hugs are essential for a child from the first days to establish the bonds with the world and to feel secure about it.

Surprising Facts About Baby's Health | Health Tips for Moms | #parenting | #babies | #toddlers |

Going barefoot

Want to help your kid manage the first steps? Then take those little shoes off. It will help your child to build the right muscles for walking faster. The skin on those tiny feet seem so tender and soft, it is scary to think they will have to walk on rough terrain. But quite on the contrary: getting your child to experience small stones, sand, mud or dust will broaden the mind experience and help their development.

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Do you know, that parents in Vietnam manage to potty-train their 9-month-old children… with a whistle? Each time the baby shows the signs of elimination processes, mom puts him on a potty and makes a special whistling sound. Soon, the child learns what is expected of him, when he is seated on a potty and hears the whistle. And those of us who are not in Vietnam, have to invent our own potty rituals — be it the words of praise, a special bribe or a ‘sitting meditation’ in the morning. Do you have your own?

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