52 Things To Do With A Toddler

On January 1 of this year, I announced on my Instagram that I was going to go somewhere or do something  new with my son every week of 2017. At first, I had to be intentional about planning an outing or a new activity but eventually, it just became second nature to plan something new and fun to do. But new experiences aren't just fun and games, they are important for helping toddlers build important skills and are also great for speech development. Since we enjoyed our adventures so much, I decided to make a list of 52 things to do with toddlers in the coming year! 

  1. Go to the zoo

  2. Go on a hike

  3. Go to a farm

  4. Go to the pet store

  5. Go to a factory

  6. Go to a science museum

  7. Go to the snow

  8. Go to a children's museum

  9. Go to the beach

  10. Paint with vegetables

  11. Go camping

  12. Go to a National or Regional Park

  13. Go to an aquarium

  14. Feed some ducks

  15. Go to an indoor playground

  16. Take a music class

  17. Take a toddler class at a gym

  18. Go on a boat ride

  19. Go to a parade

  20. Visit a Bass Pro Shop

  21. Be in a parade

  22. Make cloud dough

  23. Make homemade play dough

  24. Go to a fair or amusement park

  25. Check out a Koi Pond

  26. Bake something

  27. Make a farm animal sensory bin

  28. Make some maracas

  29. Go on a train ride

  30. Try Zumbini

  31. Make homemade ice cream

  32. Make homemade pizza

  33. Paint rocks

  34. Go to a lake

  35. Make a paper bag book

  36. Go to story time at the library or bookstore

  37. Take a tour of your local fire station

  38. Make a toy car (or train) wash

  39. Make cards for loved ones

  40. Put together a nature box

  41. Go for a toddler-led walk

  42. "Paint" with ice

  43. Make fizzy ice

  44. Go to an animal sanctuary  

  45. Play with a box and chalk

  46. Make sock or paper bag puppets

  47. Go to an outdoor concert

  48. Go on a trolley ride

  49. Host a toddler playdate

  50. Do water play with colored water

  51. Make a Build A Bear

  52. Go to a petting zoo