5 Tips How to Manage Traveling with a Baby

Traveling itself is a very stressful journey. Adding a baby to the mix can cause moms more even more stress. But traveling does not always have to be a stressful mission altogether. Many families believe traveling with a baby is too stressful, that they never end up going anywhere. Working together can help make for a successful vacation with your children.

Here are some tips for a successful trip with a baby:

5 Tips How to Manage Traveling with a Baby - fortheloveofmom.org

Research the destination.

Knowing the location of where you are going is a great way to get ready for packing. Some questions you might want to know the answers to: where to go, places to play, should you bring a stroller or car seat, where can you change the baby, are there places to breastfeed, will you need to bring smaller bags, when is check-in/check-out.  There are a few important mom questions you might want to look up too: nearest coffee shop, nearest hospital, is there free wine at the hotel, etc.  These questions can help when trying to pack and be ready for vacation.

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Create a packing list.

Create a packing list for every vacation. This way you can ensure that you are not forgetting the essential pieces. Some important items for this list are a thermometer, Tylenol, band-aids, Neosporin, phone chargers, extra blanket, a change of clothes in your carry-on bag, and lollipops (a mom can never go wrong with lollipops). Those are essentials since one never knows if someone will get sick. As moms, we like to be extremely sure that we have packed everything and we’re all set with everything. Rest assured that most places will have stores that you can go to and get whatever you need. You can most likely live without whatever it was that you did not pack.

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Have toys for the plane.

When traveling by plane, having a game plan for the in-air time is imperative. Do not assume they will sleep the entire trip. You might very disappointed to find out the reality, that you nor your child will get sleep on the plane. Have a backup plan. The plan consists of toys, iPads, movies, DVD players, dolls, books, coloring, etc. They will help provide a pleasant trip on the plane. Snacks are just as important. Have a bag that you can keep all the snacks for everyone to eat in handy in a carry-on luggage.

Don’t panic.

Knowing that everything is not going to be perfect is a starting point. The weather could prevent you from arriving at your destination when you wanted to get there. Remaining instead of freaking out will help everyone else, especially your significant other to stay calm. Together figure out another plan on how to tackle the obstacle that's now at hand.

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Don’t forget to enjoy the time.

Don't let overwhelm stop you from going. Vacation is needed for everyone, especially moms. If you don’t bring your kids on trips, they will never have that experience of going places with their family. Go because you want to have great experiences with your family and have faith that you will.

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