5 Things Moms Can Do To Support Their Child’s Independence

Maybe you want your kid to learn tying shoes independently, or you are on the way to assist your high-schooler in learning some basic adult skills. Irrespective of the age of your kids, you can always support them to learn to be self-sufficient and confident. It is necessary to encourage them in setting goals and creating a strategy for how to reach them.

The majority of moms can't figure out when and how to start supporting their child's independence. Well, the answer is bit straightforward--teach age-appropriate skills! When you set age appropriate goals and start working on them, you actually show trust on your child's ability and allow your kids to see great qualities in them.

How to Raise an Independent Child | How to Support Your Child's Independence

Setting up age-appropriate goals:

Firstly, stop thinking that your child is incompetent.  Let them do some minor tasks on their own. Your role is just to supervise them.

The next part is to set age-appropriate goals. You must perceive what to expect from your kid at different ages.

18 to 36 Months: At this age, kids can perform things like using the toilet, washing hands, or putting dresses in the hamper.

3 to 4 years: Kids can do some of the principal activities at this age such as brushing teeth, carrying some lightweight items, etc.

4 years and above: At this age, you can expect your child to dress on their own, follow uncomplicated routines, etc.

Give opportunities:

The more opportunities you provide your kids to accomplish certain tasks on their own, the more likely they will learn numerous thinks quickly. You may get surprised to see how excited your child is to assist you at home. So, open the door of opportunities for your kid.

Keep alternatives:

Do you feel sad to go after your child regularly to lift up the clothes that fell out while he was taking the laundry pile for you? No worries, try to make some quick modifications to the task. Get a small basket for your kid. How simple!

It is usually simple to transform a chore to make it flexible for the kid's age and capacity, and this is an excellent way to promote self-confidence in your toddler without getting yourself demented.

Take your role and do it together:

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Kids usually learn things quicker when you join them in completing an individual task. They find out how to accomplish given tasks successfully. For example, what does a school teacher or  private tutordo while teaching basic mathematical operations? First of all, they solve the math problems in front of students and then give some practice questions to check the kid's understanding. Sometimes, they also solve complicated math problems together with the students.

In the same manner, if you want your kid to clean and rinse the plates before putting them in the dishwashing machine, make sure that you thoroughly explain and perform this method in front of your child a few times.

In this way, you can not just limit the mistakes that may happen but also dodge any bad manners that may emerge without the proper supervision.

Let them request a task:

Giving your kids a chance to pick the task on their own not only promotes a feeling of confidence, but it also equips you with the acumen to know the tasks your child likes to do. It is also an excellent way to show your kids that you value and appreciate their decision-making abilities.

That's it! It is all about the things moms can do to promote their child's independence. Do you prefer some other ways to do so? Feel free to let me know through the comment box below.

James is a child development expert. He enjoys writing educational articles for students and their parents.