4 Reasons You May Want to be an Instagram Mom

4 Reasons You May Want to be an Instagram Mom

If you're a mom and have an Instagram account, it's likely that you follow some "Instagram Moms" - the ones that share their lives with the general public whether it's their adorable kids, fashion finds or hilarious antics. What you may not know about these moms is that many of them are making money doing this. And the ones that aren't wish they were! 

I had no idea that you could make money through Instagram until just about a year and a half ago. I didn't immediately start an account and seek out to cash in but it was definitely in the back of my mind. About a year ago, I decided to start my blog Instagram account and almost 8 months ago, I started working consistently to grow my account (I'm a slow starter). 

There is a lot of work involved with being a successful Instagram mom but, for now, I am not going to focus on the work. Instead, I want to share the benefits and why you may want to consider becoming an Instagram Mom. 

1) Learn New Skills
I know I said I am not going to get into all the hard work but I will say this - there is so much more involved to being an Instagram Mom or influencer than just posting a cute picture with a clever caption. For instance, there's this fun little thing called an algorithm that you may suddenly find yourself completely obsessing over and trying to figure out. And just when you do... Instagram will change it on you! There's also flat lays, photo editing, tracking software and then there's business stuff like pitching to brands, negotiations, setting rates, branding yourself... and much more. Again, we aren't focusing on the work, we are focusing on the skill set. I have developed a lot of skills and gained a lot of knowledge that I did not have a year ago. 

2) Free Stuff
Who doesn't like free stuff? Baby and kid gear, clothes, jewelry, shoes, home decor (including furniture)... you name it, you can get it. Of course, this should not be the motivation but it is certainly an added perk. 

3) Money
Let's face it, kids ain't cheap. Whether you work out of the home full time or stay home full time, there's a very good chance you would like some extra cash. Not only can you get free products for you and your family through Instagram but you can also make money. How? Brands pay influencers to promote their products on their feeds. (And, no, you don't need a large account to do this, you just need and engaged following.) 

4) Make friends
Though, I didn't expect to make the income I have made through Instagram or to get all of this cool free stuff, I really didn't expect that I would make friends. I get messages daily from followers that want to connect. Many are moms wanting to know how I do what I do or shop owners and bloggers trying to broaden their reach. It has been so fun and rewarding to share my journey with them and some have even become my friends. I chat with my Instagram and blogging friends more than my "real life" friends. (Yeah, I should probably work on that.) But my blogger and influencer friends get me in a way that no one else does because they get my world.

Whether you are looking for a hobby, a side hustle or a business becoming an Instagram Mom may be exactly what you're looking for (and I can help you)!