30 Things To Do With Your Toddler This Spring

Spring is in the air which means it's time to start thinking about new things to do with your toddler. There are so many wonderful things to explore during this time of year that will not only be fun for your toddler but will also encourage speech development, bonding and learning about the world around him.  

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Jump in puddles

What's more fun for a toddler than splashing in the rain? 

Have a picnic in the backyard

Change up lunch or snack time and take it outside. 

Feed ducks

Take your little one to a nearby pond and feed some ducks. 

Fly a kite

Find an open field and go fly a kite! 

Pick or buy fresh flowers

This is a great way to enjoy nature, practice color recognition and you can take it a step further and give your flowers away to a friend or relative. 

Make a birdfeeder

Your toddler will love watching for birds, too. Check out this toilet paper roll bird feeder

Paint flower pots

This is an easy way to let your toddler celebrate Spring doing something he loves - painting! 

Go on a nature walk

Take a paper lunch bag with you to collect leaves, flowers and other things of nature. 

Make homemade bubbles

Add even more fun to a toddler favorite and make your own bubble solution

Play barefoot in the grass

Instead of, "put your shoes on", tell your toddler to take them off and enjoy the feel of grass beneath her feet. 

Have a tea party

You can do this indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends! 

Go on a bike ride

One way to enjoy the Spring weather is to get outside and go for a bike ride. This will be sure to bring out many opportunities for conversation which is great for toddler speech development

Visit a new park

Give your child a new experience and visit a park you're never gone to before. 

Run outside

This is an easy way to entertain your toddler and it's a great way for both of you to get moving together. 

Make a wind chime

Your child will love this simple activity and will also learn about the effects of wind. 

Play in the dirt

Toddlers really are easy to please (except when they're impossible to please!). Let your little one play out in the dirt for some great Spring fun. 

Chase butterflies

Running after butterflies is fun and will get lots of energy out! 

Go fishing

Pack a lunch and take your little one out for a fishing trip. 

Visit a garden

Take your little one to a kid-friendly garden. 

Make homemade lemonade

Toddlers love to help in the kitchen. Invite your little one to help you make some lemonade. 

Look for bugs

Spring is the perfect time to look for bugs. 

Go stargazing

Your toddler would be thrilled to stay up late and do some star gazing in the backyard. 

Pick dandelions

Find some dandelions and make a wish! 

Go to the lake

Spring may not quite be warm enough for a swim but you can have a picnic, take a walk or even a boat ride. 

Run down a grassy hill

Find a nice little grassy hill and let your toddler run up and down. 

Make a spring sensory bin

A spring themed sensory bin is a great way to keep your toddler busy, especially if it's a rainy day... there's only so much puddle jumping you can do. 

Have a family BBQ

You can host a Spring BBQ for family or friends. Make sure to let your toddler help you plan! 

Play hopscotch

Break out the sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch. This is a great activity for teaching number, color and shape recognition, too. 

Go to a flower festival

Your child will love the fields of flowers and so will you! 

Plant some flowers or seeds

Your toddler will not only enjoy the process of planting (and getting dirty!) but also the nurturing of your flowers, vegetables or herbs. This is also a great introduction to responsibility and patience (particularly if you are planting seeds). 

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