28 Acts of Kindness Ideas That Kids Can Do

Raising your children to be kind humans is one of the greatest contributions you can make to this world. But this isn’t always an easy task because we can’t force anyone to be kind, not even our kids! What we can do is show them how easy it is to do something kind for someone else and that being kind can be really fun.

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I’ve put together a list of 28 kid-friendly acts of kindness:

  1. Hold the door open for someone.

  2. Bake something or a neighbor.

  3. Take someone’s cart to the cart return for them.

  4. Pick up trash at a park or other public place.

  5. Give candy to a store cashier.

  6. Have a yard sale and donate the money to a non-profit organization.

  7. Leave painted rocks with special messages around town.

  8. Send a card or care package to a deployed service member.

  9. Hide “treasures” at a local playground.

  10. Go to a store and pass out stickers to kids.

  11. Take some treats to a firehouse or police station.

  12. Donate coloring books & crayons to a children’s hospital.

  13. Leave a kind note in a library book.

  14. Make a “thank you” sign and tape it to your garbage can on garbage day.

  15. Bring a neighbor’s garbage cans in for them.

  16. Help someone load their groceries in the car.

  17. Buy a Redbox promo code and leave it at a Redbox kiosk.

  18. Send a video message to a friend or family member that lives far away.

  19. Dry off the slides at a park after it rains.

  20. Bring flowers to your teacher.

  21. Make sandwiches for the homeless.

  22. Put a birthday box together for a child in need.

  23. Write kind messages with chalk at a park.

  24. Leave a positive note on a stranger’s windshield.

  25. Get an extra umbrella and give it to someone that needs one.

  26. Let someone cut in front of you in line.

  27. Help a younger kid with their homework.

  28. Make another family member’s bed.

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