The Ultimate Collection of Self Care Tips for Moms


Self care is a term that I hear often, especially among moms, but I'm surprised to find that many people just aren't quite sure what it is. Let me break it down for you, self care is... well... caring for oneself! It's really that simple and, yet, it's really that hard. For whatever reason, we are really good at coming up with excuses for not caring for ourselves, we have a hard time investing in our own health and happiness. Many of us even think it's selfish and no self respecting mother is selfish! Right?


Every self respecting mother should be selfish when it comes to self care. Because, when we don't care for ourselves, not only do we lose but our children lose, too. They are watching us. And not only that, but they need us to be physically, mentally and emotionally happy not just for us but for them

Tweet: If you really think about it, self care goes far beyond

If you really think about it, self care goes far beyond "self". 

I know it can seem overwhelming but, don't worry, I have the ultimate guide to self care for you! I asked the amazing mamas in my Mom Blog Tribe to share their tips on self care and I'm rounding them up in one place just for you. 

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Self Care tips and encouragement for moms.

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What would happen if you took a little time every single day to show yourself a little love?  Join the For the Love of ME Project and let's find out!  For 30 days you will do something to invest in yourself and I will encourage you along the way. I'll even give you some ideas, if you need help. Take some time for YOU! Join the project NOW!