8 Ways To Make Holiday Cash Fast

While the holiday season brings on many wonderful things, it can also bring on a lot of stress. Especially in the area of finances. Gifts, parties, holiday attire, ugly Christmas sweaterscards, tips... the extra expenses can really pile on quickly. Of course, you saved up, so you're not stressed but you might have a friend that didn't (or couldn't). Well, it's definitely not too late!  Here are some ways that you... ahem... your friend can make cash fast. 

The holidays are quickly approaching and many of us could use some extra cash. Find out 8 ways to make some money fast for Christmas! #holidays #christmas www.fortheloveofmom.org

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Sell Something. 

I often say that most people easily have $50 lying around the house in the form something they don't use or even things that are broken. (Like "random" pieces of a board game.) If you need cash fast, check your closet or garage for something you can sell then list it on a Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Group, Offer Up, eBay, etc. I have sold many things on each of these and have made quite a bit of money doing so.

2) Set up an online store. Don't have anything to sell? Try setting up a store an online store like this one on a site like Zazzle or Printful.  You could have your own e-commerce store up and running within minutes. (Depending on the pay schedule this could cut it pretty close to Christmas.) 

Set Up A Kids Night Out (or IN!). 

This is a pretty easy way to make money and if you have kids of your own, chances are you can put on a pretty fun night at no expense. I have done this numerous times as fundraisers when I was a children's pastor but I have also done it personally just for some extra cash. All you have to do is pick a night to have some kids over then set your time, hours and price. When I hosted one in my home, I had parents bring dinner and I provided a craft and snack. Chances are you have something already to serve a handful of kiddos and possibly craft materials, too. This is a great opportunity for parents to have a date night and for you to earn some extra cash. (I highly recommend doing a movie, you will have less time to fill!) 

Sign up with a survey company.

There are a ton of survey companies out there but one I have had good luck with is Inbox Dollars. I like Inbox Dollars because it's not just surveys - you can watch videos, complete offers and browse the internet. While you aren't going to get rich, you can easily get put an extra 30 bucks in your pocket over the next few weeks. I think this is a great time to sign up with Inbox Dollars because you may find offers that you can use right now during the holidays. 

Offer party planning services.

Tis' the season for for holiday parties and there are so many details to putting a great party together. You could offer individual services (like decor) or you could plan the whole thing! 

Gift wrap.

Some people loathe gift wrapping and others just don't have the time. If you even moderately enjoy it (and are moderately good at it), you can offer gift wrapping services. 

Clean some houses. 

Along with the holiday season come parties and house guests. You could offer holiday cleaning services. 

Make and sell baked good or crafts. 

You can make money by selling some of your own baked goods or Christmas crafts either by sharing on social media or by setting up at a holiday boutique. I can't do either of these things to save my life but my sister manages to make a fair amount of Christmas cash every year by selling some goodies she's whipped up in the kitchen or something she spun up on her sewing machine. (Confession: I'm not sure if you spin things up on the sewing machine. I googled it and I still don't know but I'm going to go ahead and go with it!) 

I am always looking for ways to make money. What are some things you've done for extra Christmas cash?