4 Places to Shop for Environmentally Friendly Makeup

By Ashley Carter

The perfect makeup formula doesn't just make your skin look amazing. It also includes sustainable practices and comes from an environmentally responsible brand. Whether you're against animal testing, want natural ingredients, or expect companies to evaluate their supply chains for better sustainability, you'll notice that some brands stand above the rest. Get the look you want without compromising your ideals, and support companies that care about the environment.

Josie Maran

The folks behind Josie Maran Cosmetics want to create luxury makeup products without harmfully impacting the earth. The popular cosmetics line relies on natural ingredients and plant-based resources to create great makeup formulas. A major component of many Josie Maran cosmetic choices is Argan Oil. That Argan Oil comes from all-female cooperatives in Morocco. The Moroccan government created these co-ops in 2002 to give women in rural areas a steady source of income. Using them as a source means a lower environmental impact because these women harvest the oil with sustainable practices to protect the valuable Argan trees.


Image via  Flickr  by Mike Saechang

Image via Flickr by Mike Saechang

The vast array of makeup options at Sephora makes entering one of their stores like entering a playground and candy store designed for adults: it's magical. When you shop at Sephora, you can feel good that you're choosing a brand dedicated to sustainable practices. In 2015 Sephora won several awards and recognitions for their responsibility as a brand overall. They received the Sustainable Brand label and the Responsible Brand label from Génération Responsable. Sephora has also entered into a sustainability commitment with the French Ecology Ministry.

Sonia Kashuk

Luxury meets affordability with a dash of fun in Sonia Kashuk's line of cosmetics, containers, and brushes. Sonia Kashuk is a cruelty-free makeup brand. The brand is against animal testing in all forms, which means the brand doesn't partner with anyone who does test on animals. Part of the reason Sonia Kashuk is only available in the US and Canada is because of animal testing policies. You can't buy Sonia Kashuk in countries like China, which require makeup to go through animal testing. You can find Sonia Kashuk at Target.

Bath and Body Works

Image via  Flickr  by JeepersMedia

Image via Flickr by JeepersMedia

Delicious classic fragrances and seasonal delights come together in Bath and Body Works, one of the most popular places to get scented lotions and cosmetics. When you shop at Bath and Body Works, you aren't just buying products that will make you feel pampered. You also support a brand that engages in environmental responsibility. Bath and Body Works hasn't used PVC in its packaging for more than a decade. Its parent company, Lbrands, is dedicated to a number of sustainability practices, including designing their own packaging to use fewer resources, recycling products, and engaging in energy-saving initiatives like replacing store light-bulbs with high-efficiency options.

Shopping for makeup from these retailers won't just make you feel fashionable. You'll also feel good about yourself for making a responsible choice. We only have one planet, so supporting brands committed to taking care of the Earth is indescribably important.

Ashley is a full time student writing her way through college. When she’s not writing she enjoys hiking and any other outdoor activity imaginable. Email: carterash09@gmail.com