How to Make Your Dreams Happen

Whether or not you consider yourself a “dreamer”, you probably have some dreams in life. And it’s very likely that those dreams get you excited.

But then what? Do we just tuck the dream away until the next inspirational speech?

Sadly, far too many of us do.

Making dreams a reality requires a conscious effort. Of course, it doesn't just happen overnight but it won't happen at all if you don't do something. Dreams don't just happen, you've got to make them happen. 

Tips for goal setting and achieving your dreams.

In 2008, I attended a seminar that was completely devoted to teaching participants how to accomplish their dreams and how to help others do the same. That seminar changed my life! Over and over again, I have applied what I learned to make my dreams happen.

I've made a few tweaks over the years but here's what I do to accomplish my dreams:

  • I read over my dream journal. I have a book that is full of dreams. Anytime I think of soemething I want to do, big or small, I write it in this book. Then I set aside time on a regular basis to read over them. Remember what I said about dreams animating us? It's so easy to think, "man, I'd really like to go to (insert dream vacation here)" and then do nothing more. But when you are regularly reminding yourself about that place you want to go, thing you want to do, business you want to start... you are more likely to actively work to make that dream a reality. 

  • I choose three dreams that I want to concentrate on. I generally do this at the beginning of each year. Not all dreams take up an entire year (and some take longer), so I re-evaluate every three months. If I need to add, I add!

  • I write 3 measurable action steps for each dream over the course of the next 3 months. For example, let's say you want to write a book. The idea of writing an entire book is overwhelming and, perhaps, won't be done in three months time (I wrote a novel a few years ago and it took me one year to complete). However, you can take measurable steps toward this goal for the next three months. Perhaps it is to write x amount of words every single day or create an outline of chapters.

  • I share my action steps with someone that will hold me accountable. I have done this both casually and more formally. I used to have an accountability partner that I did weekly check-in's with to discuss the progress of our action steps. I have also had friends that have held me accountable to a goal. For example, just a few days I happened to notice a Facebook memory where I talked about being down to the wire on my goal of finishing my novel and I tagged the two friends that were holding me accountable to that goal. It doesn't have to be one person for all three, it could be three different people. The logistics are really up to you and what you feel will work. The key word being work.

It's amazing how "suddenly" actively working on attainable goals will get you to the ultimate goal of accomplishing a dream of yours. And it feels really good when you can mark it off and choose a new dream to chip away at!

Do you have big dreams in 2017?!?! 

How to Make Your Dreams Happen - Do you know how to accomplish your dreams? Click for some tips on how to make them happen!