How to be the Fun Mom You Always Thought You Would Be

Every mom had some perception of what kind of a mom she would be, even if it was “not a very good one”. Though, I think most of us had some positive ideas of what kind of mom we would be. For me, it was that I was going to be a cute mom and a fun mom. But, like many other moms, I have failed to realize that dream.

Big time.

My pre-mommy self had no clue that an overwhelming sense of guilt would overtake me every time I even thought about buying myself a new outfit or getting my hair done. She also had no idea how easy it is for half the day to go by before realizing you’re still in your pajamas because you are constantly being interrupted by the snack requests and numerous meltdowns of a toddler.

How to be the fun mom you always thought you would be! 40 ways to be a fun mom, plus 12 moms share whey they think it's important to be a fun mom. #momlife - For the Love of Mom Blog -

As for the fun part…

For me, the pressure to provide for my son’s every need - from physical to emotional- is always on my mind. I don’t know if this is because I am a single mom and everything literally rests on my shoulders or if it’s a normal feeling for all moms but, let me tell you, this pressure sure can suck the fun out of motherhood. It’s hard to be fun when you’re stressed or worried!

And while being “fun” may not seem all that important compared to things like feeding and housing your kids, it is far more important than one might think.

Why is it important to be a fun mom?

I can think of 3 great reasons to be a fun mom:

  1. Having fun with your child builds and strengthens your bond with each other.

  2. Spending just a short time having fun can create life-long memories..

  3. Having fun relieves stress and when you’re less stressed you are happier.

So, basically, being a fun mom creates a happy home with strong family bonds and memories to cherish. But don’t just take it from me! I asked some of my mom friends why they think it’s important to be a fun mom. Here’s what they had to say:

“Sometimes being silly or having fun with your kids isn’t the most convenient thing or what you want to do right then. But I have to remind myself that as they grow up, they won’t remember how many times I wiped the table or folded the laundry. They will remember the dance parties, the tickle fights, the painting of nails and makeovers, and basketball games in the street. Aim to make time for the memories they will remember.” - Kristin Buckner, @kristinbuckner

“Just relaxing and taking things one moment at a time is so important for both you as the mom and for your children. Have fun and play with your children. You and your children will have better days because of it.” - Sarah,

12 moms share whey they think it's important to be a fun mom. #momlife - For the Love of Mom Blog -

“The world wants everyone to hurry up and be serious, but having kids is a great excuse not to! They need us to fun and we need them to remember how to be fun. It's a beautiful balance.” - Alexandria,

“It is important to be a fun mom because your kids need to see you in a different light other than a strict parent. You children will eventually always do what you do. If they see you having fun, they will learn how to have fun themselves. You are setting the groundwork for a healthy, balanced adult.” Sarah Poeppe-Molenda,

“It's important to be a fun mom because doing these types of activities together builds family bonds and encourages learning and growing together.” - Julie,

“Although I am usually the one who has to discipline, I try to include as many fun moments as possible. Whether it be riding on the side of the grocery cart, turning the music up and dancing in the kitchen, doing random fun things that she isn't expecting.” - Jennifer,

Sometimes I get so caught up in the stressors of work, household chores, and everything in between that I have to remind myself to put that aside and be present for my kids. One of the most fun ways to be ‘present’ is to be a fun mom and show them a side of me that can be silly.  - Kim Pepice,

“Being a fun mom is important because when you laugh and play at peace, your children are inspired to freely laugh and play as well .” - Kori Ann, @coachkoriann

“I feel a lot less stressed when I’m being goofy and having fun. Sometimes I need to remind myself to just let go and have fun with my daughter especially when I’m stuck focusing on cleaning the house or doing routine things.” - Niki,

“Being a fun mom can help you reconnect with part of your pre-mom self. A part of yourself less weighed down with responsibility. And show your kids a side of you that isn’t about discipline or cleaning house or working. It helps you bond with your kids and show them more of who you are.” -Elizabeth Voyles,

“Looking at the world through my toddler's eyes makes it fun to parent. After toddler proofing my house, I sit back and watch him go. He loves exploring with his senses, so if he wants to explore the taste of curry by the handful, or bite into an orange (rind and all), I see it as a great learning experience for him. We can always clean up the mess later. I allow him the space to explore and discover what he likes and doesn't like. I don't want him to grow up in a sterile environment. I want to create a colorful experience where he's confident, secure, and ready to conquer the world.” - Hannah Bell, @mommyandmestockton

“The best way for me to relax and ease off stress, is to totally unplug and have some fun! if that means chasing my toddler through the soft playground, hold my shoes...” Jasmine,

Tips for being a fun mom

  1. Make time. I know that planning seems like the opposite of fun but you have to create some margin in your life, otherwise, your days will quickly fill up with all of the “have-to”s.

  2. Be open and ready. Sometimes we can pass up fun opportunities because of our adult responsibilities or because it’s not exactly easy to do things on a whim with kids in tow but being open and ready (at least mentally) to embrace spontaneous moments will help you become a fun mom.

  3. Remember, that being with you is half the fun. When you’re planning to do something fun with your kids, don’t worry about whether or not it will be fun . Simply doing something out of the ordinary with mom will be fun enough.

40 Ways to be a Fun Mom  #momlife - For the Love of Mom Blog -

40 Ways to be a fun mom!

Due to the never-ending task lists and other adult responsibilities, being a fun mom does often take being intentional but it doesn’t have to be difficult or extravagant. There are plenty of easy ways to be a fun a mom. I’ve come up with 40 ideas for you!

  1. Play hide and seek.

  2. Take pictures with Snapchat filters.

  3. Roll down a grassy hill.

  4. Have a pillow fight.

  5. Play on the playground (don’t forget the swings!).

  6. Give your child a glow in the dark bath. (Just add glow sticks.)

  7. Have a dance party.

  8. Play tag in the house.

  9. Play a friendly prank on a family member.

  10. Tell jokes.

  11. Ask Siri questions.

  12. Have a silly face contest.

  13. Let your child do your hair and makeup.

  14. Put on your rain boots and jump in puddles.

  15. Play freeze dance.

  16. Make some homemade play dough.

  17. Have cake for breakfast.

  18. Eat worms in dirt.

  19. Camp out in the living room.

  20. Have a water balloon fight.

  21. Let your kids slime you.

  22. Build a blanket fort.

  23. Tell kid-friendly jokes.

  24. Have a staring contest.

  25. Let your kids choose your outfit for the day.

  26. Take a pie to the face.

  27. Spray everyone’s hair a fun color (don’t forget yours!).

  28. Let your kids make the menu for a meal, anything goes.

  29. Have a messy game night.

  30. Talk in an accent.

  31. Spend the whole day in pajamas.

  32. Give out piggy back rides.

  33. Get some balloons and have a contest to see who can keep theirs up in the air the longest.

  34. Sing karaoke.

  35. Play a video game.

  36. Film your aspiring YouTuber’s first video.

  37. Have a Minute to Win it game night.

  38. Break out the glitter.

  39. Do anything that involves baking soda and vinegar.

  40. Join or make your own color run.

I would love to hear how you are a fun mom. Let me know in the comments!

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