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 Inez, owner & content creator

Inez, owner & content creator

I'm Inez, the mom behind For the Love of Mom. I am a work at home mom of an active toddler. For years, before my son, I was a children's pastor. Not only did I love working with children (still do!) but I loved the friendships I made with the moms and supporting them however I could. 

Now that I am a mom, I only want to help moms more because now I get what it's like to be a mom. For example, I now know that mom brain is real! In October of 2016, I started For the Love of Mom with a desire to provide a place that is focused on the support & success of moms of young kids! 

Whether it's toddler activities, the best kids products for moms or some encouragement on mom life in general - I'm your (virtual) mom friend here to help you thrive in motherhood! 

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