Instagram Evaluation

Instagram Evaluation


Have you been spinning your wheels trying to figure out why your Instagram following just isn't growing? Let me help you! In my Instagram Evaluation, I will: 

- Examine your bio & name 

- Study your captions & hashtags 

- Review the overall aesthetic of your feed 

Then I will email you, within 24 hours of the time you signed up, with recommendations on how to improve your feed and start growing an engaged audience. 

Here's people are saying about my Instagram evaluation: 

"Inez can see the little things that are missing that  make a big impact. She knows how to make the system work for you, and provides positive feedback in simple and easily accomplished steps." - Chelsea

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful advice you've provided to me.  I've started to implement some of your suggestions already, and I recently hit 1,000 followers!"  - Karen

"Inez provided a much-needed professional and objective perspective on our Instagram account. She helped us find the small things that were keeping us from achieving our goals. Thanks, Inez!" - Starfish Learning Center


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